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We invite you to visit "The International Kunoiti Camp" which will pass in Moscow, from 11 - 18 August, 2013.
You will see significant appearances and seminars
of the black belt masters.

Write us on our e-mail for
the detailed information.


Dear admirers and martial artists all over the world!
Our female ninja school "Kunoiti" always greet new friends and partners. Below we bring the references to sites of combat art schools, which are our great friends. For one, ready to cooperation and contact with us , doors of our school are always opened. Write us on our e-mail for the detailed information.

"The Community of Ninjutsu Masters"/Ninjutsu school "Shinobi"

The first official representation of ninjutsu in Russia. Opened in
Moscow by the Japanese in 2001. In "Shinobi" school you will be
taught ninjutsu by Russian instructors, and masters from Japan.
Annual camps and seminars are conducted for all interested persons.
"Shinobi" school has branches in Moscow and other cities of Russia.
Possible passing of the period of training in Japan.

"The Community of Ninjutsu Masters"/Ko-ninjutsu club "Kuji"

The Moscow club for children in studying traditional Nin-po. The basic
technique in work without a weapon and using the traditional weapon is
taught. There are groups on self-defense for all ages.

International Ninjutsu Masters Festival "Ninja in Moscow"

The official site of the International Ninjutsu Masters Festival in Russia.

International Female Ninja Festival "Kunoichi"

The official site of the International Female Ninja Festival in Russia.

Self - defence courses for women "Defend Yourself"

The seminar-action, as well as courses of the feminine self-defense
for all ages.

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