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We invite you to visit "The International Kunoiti Camp" which will pass in Moscow, from 11 - 18 August, 2013.
You will see significant appearances and seminars
of the black belt masters.

Write us on our e-mail for
the detailed information.


The martial art which is called "Kunoiti" means "Poisoned wild flowers" in translation from the Japanese language. Women - warriors have got such a name, moreover nowhere this trend in Japanese combat art has not gained such harmony and maturity, as in traditional female martial art "Kunoiti-jutsu". Understanding that their weakness will always win power, women, physically weak, often obtained the more stunning results in their activities. The founder of this combat system of preparing the female ninja was Mosizuki Moritoki Tiyome, a wife of a well-known military Japanese leader. After his death Tiyome has founded the secret school where young girls studied self-defense combat, the art of Fan (Tessen), knife (Tanto, Kunai), the art of long & short stick (Bo, Hanbo), spear (Yari), and certainly short sword (Ninja-to) fighting. Aside from splendid teacher combat art Tiyome became a receiving mother for many girls. The Technique of Kunoiti preparation was built taking into consideration physiology of a female body. Women needn' t pump the muscles and the other specifics of preparation ninja men. Specifics of female fight defined the physical weakness of the woman. Modern girls could never imagine, how women can easily carry the burdens of military life.
They easily withstood enemy, resorting to small feminine tricks: fell into hysterics, prayed about mercy, expressed strong scare and even were denuded whereupon enemy got lost, but Kunoiti then and there inflicted death strike and won, since the difference between small, frail girl and powerful aggressor lay in the base of the technology of conduct duel without weapon. In this case Kunoiti used the point technology of the self-defense - acupuncture, which allowed her to win in any situation, independently what enemy was against her.

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