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We invite you to visit "The International Kunoiti Camp" which will pass in Moscow, from 11 - 18 August, 2013.
You will see significant appearances and seminars
of the black belt masters.

Write us on our e-mail for
the detailed information.


The female ninja school "Kunoiti" was opened in Russia, in Moscow, in June 2002, by Japanese actress Reina Noako in partnership with Al Kriukov and "The Community of Ninjutsu Masters". An old classical Koga style of female martial art "Kunoiti" is taught in our school, and especially for the women, wishing to learn this martial art. The whole program of the education in our ninja school is built with account of the female psychology that allows a woman to win.
In the school practically for all interested persons - girls not only education unarmed fighting Koga & Iga ninja combat, but also undertaking the qualification on black belt diploma-certificate, is planned and taught. Besides educating by Russian masters, the school provides passing courses and practical camps under the direction of Japanese masters, arriving for qualification and undertaking mass seminars. Possible passing of
the period of training in Japan. All groups in our school are only female, not more than
10 persons in class. Private seminars education is practiced for the people from other
cities and countries, as well as the private lessons with the instructor.

Address :

Female ninja school "Kunoiti"
Russia, Moscow
Nicolskaya street 17 (Office)

Board of directors:

President - Inna Stavlenkova, Shidoshi (Russia)
Director - Vladislav Parshintsev, Shidoshi (Russia)
Top-instructor - Minami Hiroshi, Shidoshi (Japan)
Instructor - Kimiko Hiyama, Shidoshi (Japan)

If you have questions about education in our school, send in letters to us on our e-mail.
Good luck!

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