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We invite you to visit "The International Kunoiti Camp" which will pass in Moscow, from 11 - 18 August, 2013.
You will see significant appearances and seminars
of the black belt masters.

Write us on our e-mail for
the detailed information.



Tai-jutsu - throwing forms & reversal techniques
Junan taiso - muscle stretching & body conditioning
Ukemi, Kaiten, Kuten-breakfalls, rolling, leaping
Basic punching, blocking and kicking techniques
Gyaku, Shime, Nage waza - the art of combat
Stating the breathing in basics and katas
Shinobi-ichi tai-sabaki - the art of walking
Kumite-jutsu - the art of combat fighting
Basic katas - formal complexes and exercises
Woman self - defense traditional techniques


Internal energy & meditation skills
Stating the breathing in basic meditation
Stating the breathing in combat and kumite
Technology of the fortification the organism
Kuji-in kosin-ho - the mistic art of energie
Bases to concentration in kunoiti-jutsu
Art of correct strong energy striking
Bases of the feeding at drill

(traditional & ninja weapon)

Tessen-jutsu - the art of the woman fan
Kyoketsu Shoge - ring, chord, dagger
Shuriken-jutsu - the art of throwing blades
Nunchaku-jutsu - the art of short flail
Bo-shuriken - long pointed spikes or pin
Shobo - small sharp wood/stell weapon
Kama-jutsu - the art of sickle fighting
Kusari Fundo - rope/weighted chain
Jutte - the feudal japanese police weapon
Kenjutsu Shinobi Iai - sword techniques
Sai-jutsu - the art of trident fighting
Kunai-jutsu - small dagger (female knife)
Rokushakubo - 6 ft wooden staff
Kaginawa - four hooks sticking & rope
Hanbo - jutsu - 3 ft wooden staff fighting
Shuko - famouse ninja "hand spiked claws"
Hojo-jutsu - ninja obi sash fighting

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