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We invite you to visit "The International Kunoiti Camp" which will pass in Moscow, from 11 - 18 August, 2013.
You will see significant appearances and seminars
of the black belt masters.

Write us on our e-mail for
the detailed information.


Our school annually conducts the set for women of
7 up to 22 years old to study "Kunoiti-jutsu" martial art.
The rest age - only individually (private lessons).

In club exist:

"Large group" - a number before 10 persons.
"Mini-group" - a number before 5 persons.
"Private lessons" - one on one or 2 persons.
The Occupations pass 2 - 3 times at week.
In our club passes the monthly qualification concerning with.

In school we have level groups:

"Beginner level" - education 0 - 2 years.
"Average level" - education 2 - 4 years.
"High level" - education more than 4 years.

"Private camps" - are intended for the people, who can not
visit the constant drills on some reason. Given education
passes in the manner of seminars, usually three days course
during 4 hours, once a month. If you have questions about
the education in our school, send us e - mail.

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